PFP #39 – Punch Fun and Filmmaker Rebekah Fieschi

On episode 39 we have a blast just shooting the breeze and catching up with each other. We also have an interview with filmmaker Rebekah Fieschi. She talks about her award winning short film, Mauvaises Tetes (Bad Heads) and her upcoming crowd funding campaign. All of that and more. Join us! Things discussed: Moving to Florida, Ugly in the Morning podcast, No Sleeves Brocast, kickboxing, Paranormal Punchers podcast, Rebekah Fieschi, Bad Heads, Sylphvania Grove, filmmaking, Red Flags card game, Chompy: Attack of the Fishman, Scripts, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, All Time Low, and more!

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Rebekah’s crowd funding campaign starts April 5th! Check it out and support her!

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