PFP #34 – Funky Fun and Jason Inman (AKA JAWIIN)

On episode 34 we talk with the very talented and funny Jason Inman, host of DC’s All Access and Ashley V. Robison, creator and star of Red Shirt Diaries. They are currently Kickstarting their new comic book Jupiter Jet. Hang out and learn more about their comic book and all of the cool content they create. We also talk about our Funk trivia night, Play Drunk, Stoned or Stupid and just have a fun time. Join us! Things discussed: Jason Inman, JAWIIN, Ashley V. Robinson, Jupiter Jet, Red Shirt Diaries, DC’s All Access, The History of Dr. Who All in One Take video, Funk Brewering, PunchFarm IPA, Drunk, Stoned or Stupid card game and more!

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