The PunchFarm Podcast

We love horror movies. We love Marvel movies. We love beer. And we sit around and talk about all of it. Join us!

Episode 4 – The Do Over and Toilet Snakes

On this episode, we review the new Adam Sandler movie The Do Over. Plus, we discuss the terrifying story of the man bitten by a snake while sitting on the toilet, and learn that Mark J. has never seen any of the Halloween or Friday the 13th movies Things discussed on this episode: Adam Sandler, The […]

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Episode 3 – Psycho Man Doll

On this episode we talk Friday the 13th, review the 2016 movie The Doll (SPOILERS!) and gush over Trick or Treat Radio.

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Episode 2 – Captain America Civil War and Holidays Reviews

On this episode, we geek out over Captain America Civil War, have our own Superfight and discuss the horror anthology Holidays. Plus, Nikki is back but with a new injury.

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Episode 1 – Double Pink Eye and Our Favorite Marvel Movies

We are excited to see Captain America Civil War, so we decided to talk about our favorite Marvel movies. Plus feeling British and double pink eye.

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